Five Rules of Aftercare

Always follow the artists aftercare advice as this may be specific to your needs and will ensure optimal healing of your new tattoo.

After removal of the dressing applied by the artist, gently wash the tattoo with warm tap water and pat dry with a clean hand towel or tissue. If possible, shower rather than bathe whilst the tattoo is healing so that unnecessary water exposure is prevented.

Once clean, apply moisturising cream 2-3 times a day to assist healing and prevent skin cracking. We advise Bepanthen. Avoid petroleum based creams as they may affect the colour of the treated area.

Try to wear loose, cotton clothing to minimise rubbing and irritation to the new tattoo. Always keep the new tattoo covered and protected if working in a dirty/dusty/oily environment.

Avoid direct sunlight and sun beds until the tattoo is fully healed as sunlight can interact with the tattoo dye pigments causing skin irritation and inflammation.